# Computers

Computers are facinating tools. In the past 70 years they evolved from enormous devices with small capabilities to microscopic devices of enormous power. Today, they contribute a large portion of the infrastructure fabric which modern life is depending upon.

We should know how they work and what side-effects exist. And we should also care about the political and social implications.

To explain the how from a technical point of view we can highlight three topics: Gates, Code and Data.


All computer hardware is based upon digital gates which implement functionality according to Boolean Logic (opens new window). Gates can be built from transistors (more fundamental elements), composed into integrated circuits (opens new window) (IC) or even virtually programmed on top of physical circuits. The typical appearance is in the form of electronic boards assembled with passive components and ICs, hosting gates, millions of.

PPT data acquisition module

# Current Activities

At ZKM (opens new window) I'm part of the Thingsboard development team within the intelligent museum project (opens new window). The goal is to provide a flexible framework to collect, process and visualize data from different - technical as well as artistic - sources.

At KIT (opens new window) I do OpenData seminars (opens new window) with a focus on data available at the Transparenzportal Karlsruhe (opens new window).

At OK Lab Karlsruhe (opens new window) I'm involved in a number of projects, like Watering (opens new window), Klimawatch (opens new window) and Lerninseln (opens new window).

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