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# History

When I finished school in the mid 70s I said "I want to build computers". OK, let's study Computer Engineering!

It took me a while to digest that I was quite ahead of time then.

Later on, my diploma thesis dealt with a robot teach-in (opens new window) system: mechanics, hardware and software. An implementation just with a single degree-of-freedom, but it covered a broad range of skills and I was on the right track.

Peripherals for the IBM 370 (opens new window) family followed, superceded by PC (opens new window) peripherals. Finally, I came very close to my initial plan with developing custom computing machines (opens new window) for Physics experiments at CERN (opens new window) and DESY (opens new window). For many years I enjoyed to be creative with technical topics in the inspiring environment of science and research.

Teaching was a natural extension to my development activities and I had the opportunity to create and teach lectures on Embedded Systems (opens new window) and FPGAs (opens new window) at Heidelberg University (opens new window).

Since a few years I focus more on human related use of digital technologies, besides education in areas like participation, open data and art. I do seminars on OpenData at KIT (opens new window) since 2020.

From a creative point of view art and technology have a lot in common. Fortunately I had the chance to join the team at the ZKM (opens new window), where art and code meet.

and , for example by doing workshops and tours (opens new window). I also contributed to the exhibitions Critical Zones (opens new window) and Biomedia (opens new window).

Digital tools have a great potential to improve political participation of citizens and this has been recognized to some extent by government reprentatives, for example by putting forward open government partnership (opens new window) initiatives. In this context I'm involved in various projects at the OK Lab Karlsruhe (opens new window).

# Publications

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# Talks, Workshops and Exhibitions

PhD Thesis (opens new window) The ATLAS ROBIN – A High-Performance Data-Acquisition Module

# Skills

Wherever possible I use open source (opens new window) tools to get things done.

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